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Glasgow Pollock House

Many people are on the hunt for things to do with family or friends especially in a busy city like Glasgow. We often find it easy to get caught up in the fast paced nature of a city, we work long hours and on our free time end up running errands. Many people only take a break when they book a holiday abroad, it is there one chance to sit down as a family or eat dinner all together, explore a new place and get some sun. Whilst in Glasgow we may not be able to guarantee good weather however we can promise fun and a city that is well worth exploring. On our valued time off it is nice to take some time out of our hectic schedules and spend time with our loved one, it is also a great chance to learn something new and educate our children in a very fun way. The Glasgow Pollok house may be just the answer that you are looking for.

The Maxwell family have called the Glasgow Pollok Estate home since the mid 13th century, the present home is actually an 18th century mansion and a sight to behold as it is filled with amazing Spanish art, beautiful antique furniture and also silverware and ceramics. They also have an extremely impressive library filled with great books. The Pollok house may only be mere minutes from Glasgow’s busy city however it gives a rare glimpse into what life could be like in the country.

The Glasgow Pollok house is gorgeous; it has amazingly well kept gardens that are simply immaculate. They even have around 1,000 species of rhododendrons which are open to the public so it is important to investigate this as it is very special. The beauty does not end there, running through the garden is a White Cart river which has a bridge that was originally built around 1757.

Sir William Maxwell (1818-1878) was the person in the Pollok house that collected almost all of the beautiful paintings which are readily displayed around this amazing house. He is often referred to as the authority on the art and also the history of Spain. He even went on to publish the first reference work in English on this very subject which is widely admired.

The Pollok house is a fantastic attraction to visit in the city of Glasgow. You can also go for some light relief at the gallery shop or even get some refreshments in the café like a good cup of coffee or a scrumptious cake, learning is after all hungry work. The Pollok house is open for business daily between the hours of 10am and 5pm which give you plenty of freedom for when you want to go. It is easy to get to, you can park for free or is a ten minute walk to the train station. There is also a bus stop opposite the main entrance to the park so it’s very convenient to visit Pollok house.

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