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Glasgow People’s Palace

Many people do not care as much about history as they should. We spend a lot of time in the shops and working, but not enough time educating ourselves about how things used to be. Many people believe learning about our history is just like being in school and find it difficult to get their children excited about a day out the encompasses it. This does not need to be the case however as there are plenty of great attractions to see and do in Glasgow that are cost effective, easy to get to and also very fun. Educating our children and ourselves is very important, it opens their eyes and broadens there horizons. No one enjoys being dragged around something that just has things on a wall to read therefore the trick is to visit somewhere that has a bit of everything, just like the Glasgow people’s palace.

The Glasgow people’s palace is a history museum and gives us an unique insight into what the people and the city of Glasgow were like from 1950 onwards. This may sound a little dull however quite the opposite, there are plenty of paintings, prints and photographs to look at. You may even recognise somewhere that you have been or even where you live which many people find very interesting. There are also some great up to date ways of educating such as computer interactions, films and also many historic artefacts.

On the top floor of the Glasgow people’s palace is the Ken Currie painting series that was created in 1987 which actually commemorates the massacre of the Carlton Weavers. This marks the birth of the trade union movement which many people will find captivating as it basically helps to present the political history of the struggle of the working class people in Glasgow at this time.

There is also the amazing Victorian glasshouse that is attached to the Glasgow people’s palace that is a must to visit. You are able to sit back and relax in amongst beautiful tropical plants whilst having a cup of coffee or other refreshments in their café. There are also some great exhibitions that take place at different times of the year. The glasshouse, also referred to as the Winter Gardens, is sits at the River Clyde which is simply gorgeous and they are working hard on a large renewal project to make it even more splendid.

The Glasgow people’s palace is open between 10am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and Saturday, and 11am to 5pm on a Friday and Sunday. It is in a very easy location, it is a mere fifteen minute walk for the St Enoch subway station or only fifteen minutes away from Argyle Street. You are also able to take advantage of free guided tours and can have fun visiting the gallery shop or café for refreshments. For people that wish to take their cars there is also free parking available on site which is rare in such as busy city.

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