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Glasgow Burrell collection

There are many things to do and see in the city of Glasgow. It can be difficult narrowing down what you should do in your spare time as we are all so busy in our daily lives. Finding an affordable attraction and one which is fun for the whole family can be tricky, it often needs to be easy to get to or have free parking which lets face it in the city is often difficult to find. We do not always have the time to research the activities on offer and instead ending up doing the same thing every weekend or wasting our rare time off. One of the best attractions available in Glasgow is the Burrell collection.

The Burrell collection sounds very educational, well it is however it is in no way a dull day out. It is perfect for enjoying time out with friends, family or your children. They will get to learn something as they can not help but take something away from the experience. It is fun and there are a lot of things to look at, they will enjoy it.

Sir William Burrell and Lady Constance Burrell acquired a collection of over 9,000 works of art over time and handed this over to the city of Glasgow. Sir Burrell had been a keen art collector since his teenage years therefore had a great deal of art from different periods and many are from all over the world. They are in amongst some of the best collections of art in the world and Glasgow is very proud to have been given them as a gift.

You are given entry to wonder around the many different collections available, these include collections of the medieval arts, tapestries, stained glass and alabasters. You can also see a great deal of English oak furniture, European paintings which we must point out include the great work of Degas and Cézanne. You may also take a peek at fantastic collections of Islamic art and also very modern sculpture which has works by the talented Epstein and Rodin.

Children often feel captivated and inspired by the art work available and often find the fine art collection of those from ancient China, Egypt Greece and even Rome. They have even managed to display the art through the architecture of the beautiful building; it quite literally oozes art through its arches which you are free to walk under. You are also given an insight into what Sir William Burrell’s home is like which has a Gothic flare with items from the amazing collection.

You can visit the Glasgow Burrell collection from Monday to Thursday and on a Saturday between the hours of 10am to 5pm, and also on a Friday and a Sunday between 11am and 5pm. You have access to great guided tours which are free to take advantage of and there is a good gallery to explore. For some tasty refreshments stop at the café and soak up the artistic atmosphere.

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